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Suzanne is an accomplished voice artist, having recently worked on audio dramas such as Doctor WhoSapphire & Steel and The Tomorrow People for Big Finish Productions and In Conversation With an Acid Bath Murderer for their Drama Showcase range.

In addition, Suzanne has voiced a number of advertisements for radio and television most recently for Tena, Your Debt Expert and British Red Cross.  She is the voice of the National Coal Mining Museum in Wakefield, was narrator on the BBC programme Pass It On and is currently the voice of Beatie in the audio drama Moira Moments.


Your Debt Expert – TV Ad Voiceover Your Debt Expert Sky AdSmart Sam Dillon
Moria Moments Beatie Berrecam 368 Theatre Company Nigel Fairs
The Pogley Wood Murders Titty Turnip /  “Filthy” Phyllis Pollock 368 Theatre Company Nigel Fairs
Doctor Who – The Eighth Doctor – The Time War 4.3:Dreadshade Dreadshade / Tubor Big Finish Productions Helen Goldwyn
Tena – Online Ad Voiceover Tena Nicola Sewell
Coal Mining Museum Narrator We Make Commotion Lucy Vince
British Red Cross – Radio Ad Voiceover British Red Cross Anthony Bryan
The Corrupted Sonia/Princess Margaret/Mo Thompson BBC Radio 4 Clive Brill
Doctor Who: The Peterloo Masacre Vocalist Big Finish Productions Jamie Anderson
The Wizard of Oz Vocalist Big Finish Productions Nigel Fairs
Love, Lies and Lyrics Vocalist SimG Records Greg Ashton/Simon Greiff
Blake’s 7: Promises Vocalist Big Finish Productions  Lisa Bowerman
Doctor Who: The Child Leela Big Finish Productions  Nigel Fairs
In Conversation with an Acid Bath Murderer Margaret Big Finish Productions  Louise Jameson
Pulling Faces Fitness instructor / receptionist Big Finish Productions Louise Jameson
Doctor Who: Helicon Prime Mindy Voir Big Finish Productions Nigel Fairs
The Tomorrow People Nurse Big Finish Productions Jason Haigh-Ellery
Sapphire & Steel Mary Big Finish Productions Nigel Fairs
Wind Up Debbie / Mrs Percival C&P Voiceovers Roger Eustance
Faction Paradox Justine BBV Bill Baggs & Nigel Fairs
Pass It On Narrator BBC Bob Long and Sarah Topalian