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Suzanne is an accomplished voice artist, having recently worked on audio dramas such as Doctor WhoSapphire & Steel and The Tomorrow People for Big Finish Productions and In Conversation With an Acid Bath Murderer for their Drama Showcase range.

In addition, Suzanne has voiced a number of advertisements for radio and television, including narrating the series Pass It On for the BBC.


Doctor Who – The Eighth Doctor – The Time War 4.3:Dreadshade Dreadshade / Tubor Big Finish Productions Helen Goldwyn
Tena – Online Ad Voiceover Tena Nicola Sewell
Coal Mining Museum Narrator We Make Commotion Lucy Vince
British Red Cross – Radio Ad Voiceover British Red Cross Anthony Bryan
The Corrupted Sonia/Princess Margaret/Mo Thompson BBC Radio 4 Clive Brill
Doctor Who: The Peterloo Masacre Vocalist Big Finish Productions Jamie Anderson
The Wizard of Oz Vocalist Big Finish Productions Nigel Fairs
Love, Lies and Lyrics Vocalist SimG Records Greg Ashton/Simon Greiff
Blake’s 7: Promises Vocalist Big Finish Productions  Lisa Bowerman
Doctor Who: The Child Leela Big Finish Productions  Nigel Fairs
In Conversation with an Acid Bath Murderer Margaret Big Finish Productions  Louise Jameson
Pulling Faces Fitness instructor / receptionist Big Finish Productions Louise Jameson
Doctor Who: Helicon Prime Mindy Voir Big Finish Productions Nigel Fairs
The Tomorrow People Nurse Big Finish Productions Jason Haigh-Ellery
Sapphire & Steel Mary Big Finish Productions Nigel Fairs
Wind Up Debbie / Mrs Percival C&P Voiceovers Roger Eustance
Faction Paradox Justine BBV Bill Baggs & Nigel Fairs
Pass It On Narrator BBC Bob Long and Sarah Topalian